Family Spends First Christmas Together

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - More than 300 kids in our area are waiting to be adopted. Wednesday evening, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Child Protective Services hosted its annual adoption information drive in hopes Amarillo families will consider becoming forever families for those hundreds of kids.

Kids like,three year olds Demaurion and Quanbraja  who were born into two separate families. However, just a week ago, they officially became brother and sister through adoption.

"They finally get to come into our home with our name as our family now." said adoptive parent Ray Hill.

The Hills tried for nine years to have children of their own.

"When a woman can't have children when she desire children,  there is something she goes through because she feels less than a woman." said Carolin Hill.

However, Hill tells NewsChannel 10, she knew god would bless them with angels.

"Prayer changes things. If you have faith in God, God will bless you and answer your prayers." exclaimed Carolin Hill.

An answer the Hills tell NewsChannel 10,  they are glad to have before Christmas morning. While Quanbraja and Demaurion have their eyes set on special gifts under the tree, like a doll house and a fire truck; their parents tell us, their Christmas gifts have already been delivered.

"Last Christmas we had them, but they were foster, now they're adopted." said Ray Hill.

"This is the greatest Christmas gift that I could ever have. Christmas presents are good for the kids, but I don't have to have a Christmas present. I have a husband and 2 kids, a son and a daughter. That's the greatest gift, other than God." said Carolin Hill