Wildfire Warning

AMARILLO, TEXAS - This holiday has the potential to turn deadly as emergency responders across the area are on high alert.  Governor Rick Perry has signed a disaster proclamation for threat of extreme wildfires. That came about because for the first time in years, weather conditions are almost exactly like they were for multiple range fires in 2006 that killed 11 people on the High Plains.

Below are tips for preventing wildfires from smokeybear.com:

•   If smoking is permitted outdoors, safe practice requires a 3-foot clearing around the smoker.
•   Don't park your vehicle on dry grass.
•   If off-road vehicle use is allowed, internal combustion equipment requires a spark arrester.
•   Know your county's outdoor burning regulations. Unlawful trash burning is a punishable offense.
•   At the first sign of a wildfire, leave area immediately by established trails or roads. Contact a Ranger as soon as possible. If escape route is blocked, go to the nearest lake or stream.
•   Leave campsite as natural as possible, traveling on trails and other durable surfaces.
•   Inspect your site upon leaving.
•   Never take burning sticks out of a fire.
•   Never take any type of fireworks on public lands.
•   Keep stoves, lanterns and heaters away from combustibles.
•   Store flammable liquid containers in a safe place.
•   Never use stoves, lanterns and heaters inside a tent