Some Cars Part of a Disappearing Act

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A popular way to keep warm is leaving several Amarillo residents empty handed.

No one likes getting into a cold car, especially when the temperatures are already below freezing outside. But leaving your car running and unattended to warm it up, makes you the perfect target for car thieves.

Just in the past month and a half, the Amarillo Police Department says 20 cars have been stolen in the area because of this.

Cars are being stolen right out from under people's noses, from the parking lot of a gas station to their own driveway at home. Corporal Slover of the Amarillo Police Department says, "A lot of the thieves, they'll look for exhaust, the condensation coming from the exhaust tips. Or sometimes people will leave them running if they are going in the store real quick to grab something or for example to go pay for some gas."

Corporal Slover says most of these thieves aren't just taking your car for a joy ride. Instead, they are committing crimes like burglaries in it.

While some people do get lucky and have their cars returned to them, many are never found. Leaving your car on and unattended is also illegal and can leave you with a traffic citation.