Stores Extend Hours to Ease Stress for Late Shoppers

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Retail and grocery stores extended their hours the days before Christmas in order to help shoppers preparing for the last stretch of Christmas shopping.

Customers NewsChannel 10 spoke to say they are feeling the stress now that Christmas is getting closer.

Shoppers also say they are willing to brave the cold and the crowds to make sure all of their presents are wrapped and ready for their holidays to run smoothly.

"I know it's mighty cold out there today but we needed to come out here and just finish our Christmas shopping," Susie Ruiz said.

"I waited until the last minute and so I'm just in a scurry to get things done and wrapped up," said Belinda Bradley.

"There was kind of a hard time trying to find parking, almost every store is packed nowadays, so its been kind of hard getting around the stores," Stephen Maxwell said.

The mall, and many grocery stores have extended their hours for the holidays in order to meet the customers needs.

The hours for most stores were extended longer through Thursday but many stores are closing early in the evening on Christmas eve.