Perryton Children Receive Gifts Despite Theft

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

PERRYTON---Generous people from all over the country come to the rescue after a thief steals thousands of dollars worth of Christmas gifts from area children.

Songs and prayers filled the air outside the Perryton courthouse as residents celebrated Tuesday night's toy run following a burglary that plagued the entire town.

Perryton residents tell NewsChannel 10, the true spirit of Christmas is glowing in the Panhandle even though a criminal tried to stifle it.

"Its just a blessing, god had a hand in all of this." said Kay Allison.

When we spoke with Kay Allison just two weeks ago, she was in tears as she explained to us how a grinch snatched up nearly $8,000 worth of toys from town children in need of Christmas gifts.

"I went to bed that night, crying and mad, the next morning donations started coming in and I said this is going to be alright, we are going to have Christmas for these kids." said Allison.

Organizers say, donations poured in from all over the Panhandle, other parts of Texas, and states as far as California.  That love and generosity helped stuff nearly 25 city vehicles with gifts for more than 400 children.

"Its not just the gifts, its to show them people love and care for them." said organizer JoAnn McCoy

People have also donated the bulk of a $4,000 crime stoppers reward to help police catch the culprit.

"But even if that doesn't happen, the grinch turned out not to be a grinch, because he made something better than it ever was."

Organizers tell NewsChannel 10, they received so many donations, they have enough gifts to already put a dent in next year's need.