Maverick Boys and Girls Club Needs Diapers Donations for Local Pregnancy Center.

Ali Allison

Amarillo,TX Toys are not the only things area children are in need of this holiday.

Experts say 1 in 3 mothers are having to choose food or buying diapers for their babies and many are reusing diapers because of the cost.

Diapers of all sizes are needed for the CareNet Pregnancy Center.

A national campaign with the Boys and Girls Club has our local Maverick Boys and Girls Club asking for donations. So far the club has only raised three packages for the center.

"We haven't had anything other than what our staff has brought in .So we really want to give a big representation when we go to donate we need more diapers,"says Rebekah Howard Assistant Program Director.

The CareNet Pregnancy Center serves over 700 clients a month. Other CareNet centers around the state serve only 50 clients a month.

"We are a non profit Christian organization , we receive no government funding all our services are offered for free"says Veronica Flowers, CareNet Branch Manager.

The Maverick Diaper Drive will run until Wednesday. You can drop your diaper donation by the Cub at 1923 South Lincoln Street in Amarillo.