Local Impact of International Treaty

Ben Briscoe

NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - The US Senate is likely to pass an international nuclear arms treaty that could impact our local economy, but just how much benefit the panhandle will see is up for debate. The 13 page START Treaty with Russia never directly says Pantex - so where's the connection?

Earlier this month US Senator John Cornyn of Texas predicted the President's rush to pass the treaty could bring a lot of cash and increased jobs to the High Plains.  Cornyn's prediction turned true. To sway some voters the president had to promise an increase of $85 Billion spending on nuclear programs such as the Pantex plant.

Also the number of warheads in the US arsenal will be cut back to 15-hundred under the treaty. That means more work for Pantex dismantling bombs. But no one could answer exactly how much dollar wise that would equate too.