U.S. Census May Mean Big Changes for Texas

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - After months of census takers knocking on doors and sending out multiple forms, the 2010 count is now in.

The U.S. Census results released today, indicate the state of Texas is playing a key part in much of the data.

Texas gained the most congressional seats this year, which adds 4 more representatives and brings us to a total of 36.

Senator Kel Seliger says having more representatives gives the Lone Star State more clout in Washington. But he says this changes the way things will happen within the state, as four new representatives and four new districts are added.

Seliger says, "What it means in Texas is the House districts and the Senate districts primarily in rural and suburban Texas are going to be a good deal larger. They're going to have to cover more area to get the additional people."

The census results also show Texas takes up a substantial portion of the nation's population- a grand total of more than 308 million. Texas is the second most populous state and it has grown fast too, up just over 20 percent in the last decade.

Seliger says a population boom in Texas has both pros and cons. But he believes the population is largely attributed to organic growth and migration of people from other states, not the immigration that most people claim.