Cold Case File: Jose Mata

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Help is needed in helping Amarillo police solve the murder of Jose Mata, a man stripped from his wife and children.

"The pain's like your heart stops and your throat closes up and you just cant speak. You try to speak your feelings, but they just won't come through." said 10 year old Mya Mata as she explains to NewsChannel 10 what its like to deal with her father's unsolved murder.

The daddy's girl says her father was stolen from when she was just 7.

"I feel like they just took him.  When I was 8 I wanted revenge. I  just wanted someone to tell me the reason they did it." said Mata

According to police, Jose Mata was gunned down following an altercation outside the old El Cafe bar on Amarillo Boulevard on May 30, 2008.

Police tell NewsChannel 10,  there were many witnesses, but no one has come forward with information that could lead to the conviction of who killed the husband and father of four.

"I want to know for closure. I want him to be able to rest. It's not fair that someone can just take someone's life and I have to be here in day in and day out for these kids be mom and dad." said Mata's wife, Jessica Garcia.

Since the shooting death of her husband, Jessica says she went from being a stay at home mom to the sole provider of four children, who have now gone through hours of therapy.

"That wasn't just one day. We have to live this for the rest of our lives." said Garcia.

Garcia hopes you can help ease some of their family's pain.

"Please help us. They didn't have the right to end him. He was helping our whole family, he was the main part." said Mata's son, Ariyon Cera.

"I would want them to step up. Just speak for everyone in my family." said Mata.

Anyone who may have information is urged to call Potter-Randall Special Crimes at 378-9468.