A Chance to Save a lot of Money Starts Now!

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The newest energy efficient appliance rebate program in Texas begins on Monday, and this time, you do not have to make reservations.

A rebate program on energy saving appliances earlier this year had many people complaining they couldn't get their money.

But now the Energy Star appliance rebate is being offered through a mail-in process, so buying a new washer shouldn't be hampered by busy phone lines and web site problems.

Now more money is available since there are $10 million leftover from unclaimed rebate funds and Texas has added another $8.5 million to that, from unused public energy efficiency funds.

Sears Manager Zane Logan says, "Last time, with the way they did the reservations, some people that reserved it ended up not using it. Some people that were on the waiting list ended up not buying because they didn't think they were going to get it so I think that's where the big downfall was. This year the money's there until it's gone so when they come in and buy it, they know if they're going to get it or not."

To get the rebate, just buy an Energy Star rated appliance beginning today and install it. Dispose of, or recycle your old appliance and fill out the rebate application form. Then complete the check list on the form to make sure you meet all requirements. Mail it in and wait about six to eight weeks to receive your money.

The rebate is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rebates can be anywhere from 40 to a thousand dollars depending on the cost of the appliance.