Teen dies in crash, family speaks out

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The family and friends of the Caprock junior killed in a car accident on Friday are speaking out. They're hoping others can learn from the nightmare they're going through.

Rayna Guzman was just 16-years-old when she died on Friday afternoon... She was one of three passengers in a car driven by one of her friends.... who now sits behind bars on a negligent homicide charge.

They just finished going out to eat when the car slammed into the back of a truck stopped at a red light near Coulter and 45th. Authorities are still looking into how fast they were going, but say excessive speed was definitely a factor in the fatal crash.

Rayna's mom Melissa says, "This was a life lost. It was unnecessary. The kids need to think when they have someone in their car, it's not just you in that car or other kids, it's their families in that car. Think about them when you're driving. Go the speed limit, don't try to pass, don't try to race."

She also adds she would like to thank Amarillo Police Sgt. Warren Gross for helping her family immensely during this tough time.

Police are also looking in to see if they were all wearing seatbelts. One of the other passengers was just released from the hospital... The other girl is still there with serious neck and back injuries.

Rayna's funeral will be at 2:00pm on Thursday at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.