Hot Toys

Blair Bernier
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- Shoppers are rushing to the stores to get the hottest gifts this holiday season.

"They chatter or they interact or they sing."

Sing-A-Ma-Jigs come in 13 different characters and cost around $10.

"You just turn this around and it spins around"

And for the little ones that like to live life in the fast lane....

"Whoever comes out first is the winner."

The Spin and Sound Speedway by Fisher Price is around $30 and is recommended for kids ages six months and up.

And for your little princess, the Disney Princess and Me doll is the perfect companion.

"She has different activities and you have a book that you get and you're a part of a club. And you can go to tea parties and you can dress her she's more something like your best friend."

And my personal favorite....

The nerf stampede.

This automatic blaster shoots up to three darts a second.

"Nerf is always's just fun and safe," says Toys "R" Us Manager Gail Buchanan.

This hot toy will set you back $55.

So what about the big kids on your list....

"So you'll jump to start and you'll actually move your whole body back and forth"

Kinect is a new way to play video games.

"You're entire body will be the remote control."

A sensor picks up all of your body movements on this $150 add-on for the X-Box 360...

And Best Buy says they are flying off the shelves.

"It's the first thing parents come in asking for is 'do you have any Kinects in stock, '" says Best Buy Manager Jeremy Lunsford.

So whether it's an interactive game...or a cuddly doll that sings...

The most popular gifts this Christmas appeal to every kid...even kids at heart.

Blair Bernier, NewsChannel 10.