Woman is kidnapped, found safe in Vega

DPS Trooper Mark Lancaster
DPS Trooper Mark Lancaster

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A woman is kidnapped and forced to spend 14 hours in the trunk of her own car.... Then found safe in Vega.

54-year-old Eileen Loskot was on her way home from work in the Dallas area on Thursday, when police say three men rear-ended her... when she got out to exchange information, she says they kidnapped her... Forcing her to drive to several ATMs, withdrawing large amounts of cash.

Then they allegedly forced her in the trunk and kept her there for 14 hours before stopping in Albuquerque, and letting her go. Three men are behind bars in connection with the incident... One of them is a sex offender but she was not assaulted in anyway.

DPS Trooper Mark Lancaster says, "no bruising of the face, any kind of lacerations, cuts, cuts on her face, anything I could see visually. And I saw nothing. I didn't see her clothes in disarray as if she'd been in a struggle or anything like that."

DPS Troopers were searching for her car and found her driving back to Texas late last night on I-40 near Vega. She didn't say why her attackers let her go, or why she didn't call police right after they let her go.