Republicans to have free reign in Austin

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - After huge gains in the November election, Texas Republican lawmakers are now celebrating another big victory. One word explains it all... Supermajority. That means Republicans now hold 101 of the 150 seats in the state House of Representatives.

This comes after two Democratic lawmakers announced today they'll be crossing party lines and joining the GOP. We spoke with some of Amarillo's representatives who say this means Republicans will have a much easier time getting legislation passed and promoting conservative issues like tougher immigration laws and tax increase crackdowns.

On top of that, they say they won't even need a single democrat in the house to conduct business. Amarillo Republican Representative Four Price says "It will allow there to be a quorum. For instance, you may remember back in 2003, the Democrats, the house Democrats, went to Ardmore, Oklahoma because they did not want to participate in a vote that was taking place regarding house redistricting. I think that would not make any difference this time."

The last time either party held a supermajority in the house was in 1985... And back then, it was the Democrats in charge.