Rumored Flu Spreading

Matt Richardson, Amarillo Public Health Department
Matt Richardson, Amarillo Public Health Department

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - A rumor surrounding a super strain of the flu, coined the "11 Day Flu",  is starting to take off.

You could call the "11 Day Flu" a bogus bug, because health experts tell NewsChannel 10,  it doesn't exist.

"We fight the rumor mill when it comes to new diseases or problems, but what's important is, the flu is what we expected to see." said Matt Richardson with the Amarillo Public Health Department.

This comes after circulating reports farther down state of Texans saying they had the bug for nearly two weeks, with symptoms like fatigue, fever and a sore throat.

According to Richardson,  a flu strain lasting that long is uncommon, because those who suffer from Influenza will be sick at most seven days.

Richardson also tells NewsChannel 10, there are currently three strains of the flu. One of which is H1N1, most commonly known as swine flu.

Medical experts urge everyone to stay protected against the flu by getting vaccinated and continuously washing their hands.

Since September, 60 cases of the flu have been reported to the Amarillo Public Health Department and none of them have lasted more than a week.