Salvation Army Donations

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - It's that time of the year, when bell ringers at the Salvation Army hope you donate some your hard earned cash to help the needy.

This year the non-profit group is seeing less donations and that could hurt the way they operate in the future.

Major Tim Grider of the Amarillo Salvation Army says, "We wont have the full staff to do the proper case work and helping those people in need. We are working hard to make sure our staff is college educated. We'll have to be like everyone else and cut back."

The Salvation Army has bell ringers at 24 locations in Amarillo and in Canyon and many would be surprised at which locations raise the most money.

Grider says, "Our lower working class income areas, they have the freer pocket change that's what they can give. Those stores in which we could call higher income areas, they don't give pocket change they write checks."

The Salvation Army relies on paid employees and volunteers for their kettle drive.

The volunteers make up about 25 percent of their workforce and saves them about a hundred dollars per kettle.

The Salvation Army will be collecting donations for the kettle campaign until Christmas Eve.

You can find them at Calmar, United Supermarkets, the Westgate Mall, and other locations.