Threats of Violence Changing 6th Street

Cody Anderson, Cowboy Gelato
Cody Anderson, Cowboy Gelato

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - On 6th Street in Amarillo, panhandling is being taken to a whole new level, an aggressive one, that is.

It may be common for someone to stop you and ask for spare change or some food, but on 6th Street they're not asking, they're demanding. So much so, that some store owners are worried about their safety as well as their business.

We spoke with several store owners who told us stories of panhandlers approaching them inside their shops. And words like threatened and aggressive were used over and over in their descriptions. Cody Anderson at Cowboy Gelato says, "It's been mostly my female employees who have had panhandlers coming in. If they ask for money and nobody gives them, then they're threatened with golf clubs. I've had girls threatened with bricks, with tasers that don't have batteries in them."

Anderson is concerned not just about his employees, but also his customers. He says he feels the problem is deterring people from coming to the area and he wants the panhandlers to know they are not welcome there.