Curry Co. Launches Jail Task Force

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO - Community leaders say a last ditch effort to fix the troubled Curry County jail is just kicking-off. It's the latest attempt to secure a place where 14 inmates have escaped in the last five years.

A special citizen's task force on the issue is now official as commissioners have appointed 11 people to this group. This comes after voters said no to a proposed 33 million dollar new judicial complex back in November. Most community leaders say they were stunned after that vote and left without ideas on how to fix the current outdated buildings. So the politicians decided to ask the people for input with this task force.

The group working on the jail is pretty diverse. Their backgrounds range from correctional facilities to business.

The group's meetings will be closed to the public.

The task force will be chaired by the Curry County manager; however, he will be a non-voting member of the group.

There hasn't been a time line set yet on when this group will present it's recommendations, but their first meeting is supposed to be no later than March 15th.