Citizen's Patrol Need

DUMAS, TEXAS - Leaders of one area city are asking for your help overcoming budget cuts that could threaten the community's safety. Like most communities on the High Plains, Dumas doesn't have enough money to hire all the law enforcement they would like to have. So now - more than ever before, they say they're depending on a large volunteer force to help.

The group called Citizens on Patrol gets called out around three times a week to help law enforcement with things like diverting traffic from car wrecks, crowd control and weather spotting.

Records show the volunteers have clocked almost 300 hours this year. Compare that to the starting pay of police and sheriff's deputies, and they've saved the community almost 5,000 dollars in overtime.  The extra help also frees up the professionals to handle more serious situations.

Anyone interested in joining up needs to be at least 18 years old, live in Moore county and be able to pass a background check.

To learn more about Dumas's COP program contact Tommy Brooks at (806) 934-9520. To find a COPS program in another city visit the national web site: