Gas Prices Guzzling Your Wallet?

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - You may have noticed prices at the pump are rising, and quickly. According to, a gasoline price tracking web site, gas prices in Amarillo are up about 18 cents just in the past week.

That brings the average to around $2.80 a gallon. This may not be nearly as high as past gas price spikes, but for some, it's enough to change things. Dusty Thrash, a gas patron says, "I still have to drive a lot for work. It's not an option. It's just one of those deals, part of the job. I won't have an option in that. But as far as any extra driving, we won't be doing any of that.

Thrash says besides cutting back on driving not related to work, he will probably not be spending as much on Christmas now.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with an analyst at to find out why Amarillo's gas prices have jumped so fast. According to the analyst, it's all about timing. He says when wholesale market prices rose, gas retailers in Amarillo were forced to raise their prices all at once, in order to catch up.