Holiday Shopping Scams

Holiday Shopping Scams

Tom Lee

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX-

On-line shopping for the holidays has become more popular due in part to "Cyber Monday"

On-line hackers see a great opportunity to steal your money and personal information.

Computer experts say there are some key warning signs to look for when shopping online.

Julie Kornick of Cat-man-du says,"If a pop-up shows up and says they're anti-virus and you have a virus, don't ever click on that pop-up and don't ever give your credit card number. "

Once hackers have gotten into your computer, your personal information could be at serious risk.

Kornick adds, "Hackers can, even if you didn't give them your credit card information, if you do banking on-line they can get passwords, banking information."

Other holiday shoppers will buy their gifts at the mall. If you plan on doing this, it's important that you keep your receipts and read the fine print.

Janna Kiehl of the Better Business Bureau says, "The main one that causes us some grief is the restocking fee. People don't understand why they have to pay that restocking fee or what it is."

Many people who have a hard time deciding which gift to buy this Christmas, will get a gift card but this can carry some problems.

Kiehl adds, "People want to use those as soon as they get them, so they can get their best value. Because sometimes there are fee attached to gift cards and the fees are assessed as time goes by."

Experts also say it's important to shop at reputable companies and if the deal is too good to be true, you're probably getting ripped off.