Don't Get Taken for a Ride...Possible Car Scam Alert

Janna Kiehl, Better Business Bureau
Janna Kiehl, Better Business Bureau

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It appears to be a nation-wide scam and it claims its' headquarters are here in Amarillo. People are buying cars from an Internet based company, but say they are not receiving the car.

The web site named, offers re-possessed cars at very low prices. When people try to contact the company, they don't have much luck. The web site lists a phone number that goes straight to a voice mail when called, and it lists an address that's in Amarillo.

The address 2301 Southeast 10th Avenue doesn't belong to, but instead to a local car lot- Auto Connection, which has no connection to the web site. Janna Kiehl of the Better Business Bureau says, "This has nothing to do with a company here in Amarillo and it has nothing to do with Auto Mall that was here in Amarillo. It is strictly an online company and we feel like our investigations are showing so far that this company is operating out of the country."

At one time, there was a business at the location named Auto Mall, but police say it has no ties either. The Better Business Bureau has received several complaints nation-wide from customers looking for their cars and their money.

The APD is not calling it a scam yet, but they do know the address of the business is false. The Attorney General of Texas and other law enforcement agents are further investigating.