Texan freed by DNA pleads guilty to 1986 murder

By JEFF CARLTON The Associated Press

DALLAS — A man whose conviction for a 1986 murder was overturned three years ago by DNA evidence is pleading guilty to the slaying that originally sent him to prison.

Clay Chabot pleaded guilty to murder Friday in a Dallas courtroom. Under the plea agreement, he will be sentenced to time served.

Chabot, who's 51, spent about 21 years in prison for the killing of a Garland woman. He was freed in 2007 after a DNA test showed a key witness, who had testified against Chabot in the original trial, had raped the victim.

The witness was Gerald Pabst, Chabot's brother-in-law. Pabst was convicted of capital murder in 2008 and sentenced to life in prison.

Dallas County prosecutors agreed to a retrial for Chabot because of the tainted testimony but maintained he was guilty.