Sunray Athletic Director and Head Football Coach on Paid Leave

Ali Allison

Sunray, TX - An area Athletic Director and head football coach along with another coach are put on paid administration leave.

NewsChannel 10 has confirmed Sunray Head Coach James McAlister and Coach Robert Wallace were put on administrative leave on Thursday, following a Sunray Middle School student misconduct situation.

The coaches lawyer, Tiger Hammer, tells NewsChannel10 this is in reference to a November incident between 7th and 8th grade boys. He also says this is standard practice while an investigation is ongoing.

We contacted Sunray Middle School Principal Stephanie Hund, and she told us she had no comment because this is a personnel matter.

Hund said she has received a report from the Sunray Police regarding allegations including possible bullying, harassment and or hazing.

Sunray ISD, the City Police and Child Protective services are all currently investigating the matter.