Update: Auto Pro

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Almost 30 angry people showed up to court on Wednesday saying a now-defunct Amarillo car dealership owes them money.

NewsChannel 10 broke the story two months ago that many customers of Auto Pro could lose their cars because of unclear titles, after Auto Pro filed for bankruptcy.

During the hearing, the court made some big decisions about what will happen next.

According to court records, Auto Pro's remaining assets total just less than $2 million.

But they owe more than $5 million in debts. Over half of those debts are in secured claims by banks and investors - meaning they'll likely get paid off first.  After that, the IRS, the state of Texas and Randall County have priority.

At the bottom of the list are 158 claims from customers and others. Most of whom will never get paid. Each could be out thousands of dollars.