All Eyes on Dumas Wind Energy Industry

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Dumas, Texas - Hopefully all eyes are now on Dumas and its' wind industry because of a recent award. Expansion Solutions Magazine, a national publication, has named the Dumas EDC to its' top five for success in bringing wind energy businesses to the area.

While the award is drawing more attention to the Dumas wind energy industry, it's also expected to draw attention to the people living there. Mike Running of the Dumas EDC says this booming business means big things for the Dumas community. He says, "For us, it's a no-brainer. You bring in business. You create jobs. You create more revenue. Your city improves. You get services that people want and desire and you get more rooftops. And with more rooftops you get the restaurants, you get the things that people really want. The bigger city amenities."

And because of this plan,  A.J. Swope of the organization Class 4 Winds, isn't surprised Dumas received the award. He says, "Dumas is a unique town. It's pretty neat to see the way the EDC works with the city, the city works with the county, etc. They work with Amarillo College. One of the reasons they've been so successful is because they work together for the common good and you're seeing the results right now."

Swope explains wind energy will increase sales tax revenues, which will help pay for services in the community. It will also lessen the need to increase property taxes on individuals.

Swope expects exciting things to happen for the industry within the next 10 years, things he says will affect the entire Panhandle, in a good way.