Downtown Design Debate

Ben Briscoe

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX--Amarillo's controversial downtown design standards may be changing.

The zoning rules passed unanimously in July as part of downtown revitalization efforts. Since then, a petition has formed to have them repealed, and several property owners in the area have expressed anger about the rules. Many of them are showing up again on Tuesday for a public hearing on the issue.

City leaders say there are three possible outcomes from this meeting. First, part or all of the standards could be repealed. Second, commissioners could move to put the standards up for a citywide vote. Or third, they could stay exactly how they are.

Most upset people though seem to have similar ideas on what to do. They don't want the entire design standards plan to go away. Most only want the city to get rid of the two pages on residential areas. They don't think neighborhoods should part of downtown rules.

Over 100 people showed up for the meeting. About two-thirds were for the passed standards.