Mystery Shopping...the Secret is Out of the Bag

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - There is a mystery shopping boom in the Amarillo area and companies are looking to hire hundreds of people to do the job.
Mystery shoppers visit businesses such as stores in the mall, and even restaurants, to assess their services and products. While their identity may be a secret, the work they do is not.

The mystery shopping industry is a large one. We caught up with a local secret shopper today to find out what she looks for on the job. She says, "I'm looking for service, for timing to see, for example if the drinks come in a certain time period. If the food is hot. If the food is good. If the service is good. Are there managers around? How is the operation running? Things that are going to improve their customer service."

And customer service is what it's all about. The industry aims to help the consumer have a better experience with anything they buy. Our shopper says, "It lets the management know that they're not meeting their expectations and so then they can go back and maybe re-train. Now, if they get a good report, you know, they pat their people on the backs."

Our shopper says these reports help the business as well. It lets them focus on certain areas they need to improve. Companies in the area, such as Market Force are now hiring.

For more information on becoming a mystery shopper for Market Force visit: and click on "Join Our Shopper Force."