Cold Case File: Florencio Calzada

Johnny Ray Klein
Johnny Ray Klein

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - A man is arrested for murder nearly 24 years after it happened.

Monday night, Wichita Falls police arrested Johnny Ray Klein for the December 1986 shooting death of Florencio Calzada. According to police,  Klein shot Calzada once in the head. Calzada's body was found in a bar ditch near at I27 and FM 285. That's near Wayside.

The Potter Randall Special Crimes unit tells NewsChannel 10, the case did not have any leads until just last month when investigators received a tip from a caller who gave names of people police should speak with.

"They had specific details to this homicide. We could go and look through the case and confirm their story because of specific information that we didn't know." said Lt. Gary Trupe.

At the time of the murder, Klein was living in Amarillo area. Calzada, the victim was living in the Lubbock area and traveling back and forth.

Investigators will not release a motive right now, but they do tell us, they don't believe the two men knew each other.  According to investigators, Klein was not a suspect when the murder happened back in 1986.

Lieutenant Trupe also tells NewsChannel 10,  there are more than 50 other cold cases in our city and they need help solving them.

Police urge anyone who has information on any murder, any crime, to come forward.

Even if the person responsible is dead, police say it could help not only the judicial process, but also the families of the victims.