Inside the Farm & Ranch Show

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The 26th Annual Farm and Ranch show kicks off November 30th in Amarillo. Farmers say the yearly event is vital to their well-being.

The show is at the Amarillo Civic Center and takes up almost all of it. Nearly 500 companies from 5 states are there, showcasing the latest and greatest farming technologies. More than 30,000 people come in to see what they have to offer.

While there are plenty of eye-catching new machines to look at, farmers we spoke with say the show is more than just about impressing people who walk by... It's about keeping the panhandle region's economy thriving.

Hereford farmer Jason Andrews says, "You talk to other farmers and you get their ideas and try to figure out what they're doing right that perhaps you're not so you can just kinda gain some knowledge from them. Things that you can do to streamline your operation to make everything more profitable. That's what we're about as an industry."

He adds when farmers make money... You save it, because higher profit margins often lead to lower prices at the grocery store. If  you'd like to check out the farm and ranch show.... It's at the Civic Center through December 2nd.

It's open from 9 to 5 Wednesday and 9 to 4 on Thursday... Tickets are $2 and the proceeds go to the Future Farmers of America. Anyone 18 and under gets in free.