Non-Profit Donations Up

AMARILLO, TEXAS - After a long period of struggling, new information shows donations to non-profits are going back up, but not every charity is sharing the wealth.

The analysis released today by the Center on Philanthropy shows donations depend widely on the charities size and sector of service. And even with giving going back up, 7 percent of non-profits surveyed still fear closing down.

The shelter's part of 36 percent of American non-profits that say donations have increased in 2010. That's up 56 percent from 2009.  The new report says the larger a charities size, the more likely it was to see donations increase. Also the type of non-profit it is makes a big difference.

The Haitian earthquake and similar disasters prompted international charities to see the largest increase in donations by far. While here at home, arts and education groups led the way. On the flip side, health, religious and public-society benefit charities were the least likely to see increases. Public-society benefit means things like groups for veterans and civil rights advocacy.

But even where donations went up, need continued to surge. 68 percent of American charities report a rise in demand for services.  So the bottom line from the new information is this: most charities say they're cautiously optimistic.