Make Way for the Alpacas

Terri Faver
Terri Faver

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A new type of ranching in the Texas Panhandle is bringing new opportunities to some people.

Terri Faver started out with only two alpacas, but she now has an entire heard. 21 of them to be exact. Raising these animals was supposed to be just a past time as she nears retirement, but it's turned into more of a business and a lifestyle.

The alpaca industry is all about breeding, and selling the fleece is up and coming. Faver says, "It doesn't look like there is going to be any downward trend. It is going up and up and its just on the beginning of the upward slide, so its really a great industry to kind of get involved in at this time."

Faver sheers her alpacas only once a year and sells the fleece through a co-op. These animals look similar to llamas, but there is one thing Faver wants to clear up. Faver says, "They do spit at each other but it's over food issues, but I've never had them spit at me. They don't spit at people. They would have to be provoked."

Faver says alpacas are very easy to care for, and they are shy, curious creatures. But they are good for more than just their coats.

Terri has trained some of her alpaca pets to do obstacle courses and shows them in all sorts of competitions. The first ever alpaca show in the Texas Panhandle is coming up in early December. That's where Faver will show off her pets.

The alpaca show is on December 11th and 12th at the Tri-State Fairgrounds. Faver will have an Open Ranch Day at her farm, Almost Canyon Ranch on December 4th. For more information visit