Shoppers Drawn Out in Black Friday Cold

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Despite freezing temperatures, thousands of Amarillo shoppers braved the cold to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

Early Friday morning, shoppers were wrapped all the way around Amarillo stores.  During overnight hours, the temperatures dropped way down to 15 degrees, but the wind chill made the air feel like it was in the single digits.

Shoppers tell NewsChannel 10, they found innovative ways to stay warm.

"We made hot chocolate....we had a generator and ran an extension cord all the way from our truck, so we could power up all our electronics. " said Michael Mrsosko.

We're told some shoppers started lining up outside of stores yesterday afternoon. Store employees and Amarillo police officers tell NewsChannel 10, this years crowd was the largest they had ever seen on Black Friday in Amarillo.

Business experts say, items like gaming consoles and computers really helped draw out those crowds.

"4 years ago, there were just 4 or 5 items. This year there are so many. Gift card sales have been good this year, but core product is what people are looking for." said Sean Medina with Best Buy.

Despite, the large pool of shoppers, police say there were not many issues.