Haiti Missionary Trip

Susan McPherson
Susan McPherson
Sam McPherson
Sam McPherson

Tom Lee
News Channel 10

Amarillo, TX - January 12th will be a day that no one in Haiti will ever forget when a powerful 7.0 earthquake struck the county.

The natural disaster killed thousands of people.

Others who were lucky enough to get out alive were left scrambling for help.

Susan and Sam McPherson, both members of Amarillo First Church of Nazarene saw the images on the news and felt compelled to go down and help.

So, they joined Heart to Heart International, a global humanitarian group.

Before making their trip to Haiti, during the first week of October, the couple made sure their health was in order.

Susan McPherson said, "You have your hepatitis a and b immunizations. Your tetanus is up to date. Most of the immunizations that were needed I already have from other trips. Typhoid immunization. We took most of them for possible malaria, malaria prevention.

When they first landed in Haiti, the McPherson's were taken aback by the devastation.

Sam McPherson said, "We saw a lot of the damages from the earthquake. People everywhere. The smell was one of the very first things that affected you. They gave us a face mask to put on."

The McPherson's worked in a medical clinic that helped treat victims of the earthquake for a variety of problems.

Sam McPherson said, "We treated many people for typhoid and malaria. We treated children that were very malnourished...dehydrated. Adults who come in and state a different variety of symptoms. And we would ask how long symptoms would be happening. And nearly all of them were related back to the time of the earthquake."

A recent cholera outbreak has added to the problems in Haiti, following the earthquake. Despite this, the people in Haiti appear to be going on with life.

Susan McPherson said, "They're living their normal lifestyles, but it's just in an area that is devastated. Homes are in shambles, people live in tents."

The trip to Haiti helped the McPherson's appreciate what they have in life and they hope others will follow their lead by helping victims of the Haiti earthquake.