Holiday Shopping Warning From Police

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Police want to urge area residents to be more safe as they hit stores for holiday shopping this year as auto burglaries are expected to spike over the next several weeks.

Amarillo investigators tell NewsChannel 10, thieves, especially this time of year are just looking for opportunities. So if you cut out those opportunities, the chances of you being a target are greatly reduced.

Wednesday afternoon, NewsChannel 10 spoke with many shoppers who said if they leave items in their car, they'll put them underneath a blanket or coat. However, police say, those garments you think you are hiding items under are called magic coats.

"All that tells the little thief, there is something underneath the coat." said Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department.

Police urge residents to keep items in the trunk, but only for a short time.  If you're out doing a long holiday shopping haul move your parking spots intermittently.

"Anyone who has been watching you may think, 'oh there leaving', they wont look for you." said Corporal Neufeld.

Police also suggest to make sure you always have a free hand when walking out to your car, with your newly purchased items.

Corporal Neufeld tells NewsChannel 10, dealing with a little inconveniences here and there is the best way to alleviate opportunities for criminals.