Amarillo's New City Manager

City Manager Jarrett Atkinson
City Manager Jarrett Atkinson

AMARILLO, TEXAS - The entire commission chamber erupted into applause after the unanimous vote to hire current Interim City Manager Jarrett Atkinson to fill the city's top non-elected job.

"The first thing I want to do is tell everybody thank you. This is a phenomenal opportunity. I'm really looking forward to it," Atkinson said.

City leaders say he stood out because of his strong work for Amarillo already. Before being interim, he was assistant city manager for about six years.

Atkinson was chosen out of 79 applicants. The city paid a consulting firm $21,000 to help filter those down to five finalist interviews.

City commissioners say Atkinson's a local guy as an Amarillo High School graduate. They expect him to stick around. After all in the past 47 years, there have only been three city mangers besides Atkinson.