NC10 Investigation Helps Lead to Not-Guilty Verdict

Medical Examiner Dr. Paul Shrode
Medical Examiner Dr. Paul Shrode

Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Months of NewsChannel 10 investigations have helped lead to an innocent woman walking free from murder charges and some experts say that could be the beginning of ripple effects to come.

Medical Examiner Doctor Paul Shrode moved to El Paso after working in our area. Now there are some big developments out of El Paso, which could directly impact murder convictions from courthouses across the panhandle.

A jury found Monea Tyson not guilty of murdering her son on Friday. Tyson's attorney's successfully used an argument built around the supposed incompetence of the medical examiner Paul Shrode.

"After two years, we got justice today. the verdict finally came that's all the matters right now," Tyson's mother Arlene Ayers said.

Shrode said Tyson's 22-month-old son died from blunt force trauma to the head that could have come from child abuse. The defense hired a leading national pediatric forensic pathologist. She said science shows Shrode's report was wrong and the child really died from an infection.

This defense tactic came after widespread coverage of documented problems with Shrode. NewsChannel 10 was among the first on the story. We highlighted evidence Shrode had trouble identifying organs, some of his conclusions were ruled inaccurate and Shrode flat out lied on his resume and in testimony. After those reports, CNN, Fox News and others all picked up the story.

Local lawyers say they're not quite as sure what the final outcome of Shrode's problems will be in overturning other charges and convictions, but at least for Tyson Shrode's faulty evidence will no longer keep her behind bars.