Thanksgiving Dinner Prices Up, But Still Reasonable

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Thanksgiving dinner costs are up from last year, but most people would probably say the prices are still pretty reasonable.

This year the Texas Farm Bureau says you can feed 10 people a Thanksgiving meal for $46.52. That means each person can eat an entire meal for just $4 and change.

This report looked at the cost of traditional Thanksgiving items such as turkey and cranberry sauce. I tagged along with shoppers at a local grocery store to see just how much people are spending.

Christy Tran did her Thanksgiving shopping today, and didn't quite find these results.
When she went to check out I asked her how much she spent and she said, "Thirty-nine dollars, twelve cents. So the total in two days looks like almost 80 dollars for ten people."

Christy may have been below the $46 average today, but this was her second trip to the store. $80 later, she can feed 10 people.

For Robert Ponder, this was his first trip to the store, but he couldn't get these results either. Ponder said he is [serving] "Six to eight people. We spent around 120 bucks this year. So, probably a little bit more than last year, but not too bad. [I bought] turkey, ham and a little bit of everything, dressing, that's about it. Just what was on sale pretty much."

While Tran and Ponder were well over the projected amount of $46 and change, food costs are slightly higher than last year.

Everyone has their own idea of a traditional meal and how much food they need for the big day, but shoppers are pleased with the sales this year. One of the biggest hits was the turkey at 37 cents a pound.