Impact Futures is Going Strong.

Ali Allison

Keeping kids off drugs is still their mission but with a new leader.

The organization is working harder than ever to reduce the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs among teens in Amarillo.

Impact Futures is wanting to spread the word that they are looking for teens to educate their peers on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

"We want to be leaders in our community" says Marisa Estrada, President,Teen Board

LaViza Matthews is taking her new mission to heart. With Impact Futures becoming a nonprofit, she believes this is a chance to bring more teens in and show them what a difference they can make in their community.

The group is not only represented by a teen board that finds creative ways to empower their community but also by other civic and volunteer groups along with law enforcement and parents. The group is hoping to double their participation by adding teens from other school districts in 2011.