Abuse victims & airport security

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - There is growing concern over those new pat downs and body scans at airports. Many think the new security features can be traumatic to abuse victims.

The body scanners haven't made it to Amarillo yet, but they are in dozens of other airports across America, so if you leave Amarillo chances are good you'll encounter the new security measures on your way back home.

For those that have been victims of rape or sexual assault, the normal security procedures might trigger traumatic memories... Taking them back to that horrible experience.

Janet Byers at Family Support Services says, "There's a sense of discomfort or uncertainty... You don't know whose seeing it. Even if its just for a very short amount of time, it's still your personal space your personal body that's being exposed."

Byers says the healing process for abuse victims is long and difficult enough, without the invasive reminder of what they've been through. She worries it can set back the healing process by months and months.