Panhandle ISD Supports Girl Power

Ali Allison

Staying safe when faced with danger is a priority with one area school district. Panhandle ISD  is focusing their education efforts on a different subject "Girl Power."

Reading writing and math are important at school but showing women how to empower themselves is too. Self defense, dating violence and bullying. These are just some of the issues that Panhandle schools are focusing on with their female students and staff. It's called Girl Power and its something the schools have been observing all week.

"If you look at the stats women in general are the most victimized and Panhandle as a community we really want to afford our children every opportunity to succeed in life as possible," said Drew Brassfield, School Resource Officer.

Girls were offered a lecture and workshop on self defense and self esteem boosting.

"Self esteem and self worth make sure they know how to carry themselves and know their own worth," said Tammy Stamps.

This is the second workshop the school has offered their students and anyone who wants to come. In April the district holds a green ribbon week dealing with bullying and many other areas. Something important to Panhandle educators.