United Way raises $5.4 million dollars for Amarillo and Canyon

Amarillo, TX

The United Way campaign for 2010 raised $5.4 million this is over $100,000 over the goal that was set at $5.3 million. In 2009 United Way Amarillo Canyon campaign raised $5.2 million."This money stays right here in the community and impacts thousands of people's lives", says Campaign co-chair Brent McClure.

In 2009 the money funded programs through-out the community.
- 17,000 Amarillo and Canyon youth participated in programs to reduced high risk behavior like drug and alcohol abuse and teen age pregnancy.
- 269,000 days of childcare were provided to children so their parents could go to work and earn a living for their family.
- 168,000 meals were served last year in Senior Nutrition programs.
- 8,800 crisis victims were assisted last year.

This campaign is ran by the United Way Amarillo/Canyon but powered by hundred of volunteers that donate hundreds of hours.

The impact to this community is incredible says Mayor Debra McCartt at this year's annual  Victory Luncheon. Thursday at the luncheon awards were given to companies for their support. A couple of stand-out awards went to Bell Helicopter for a 22% increase in giving, B&W Pantex for contributions reaching over $640,000, Amarillo National Bank with a 17% increase totaling over $250,000 and the top award went to Amarillo Independent School District with employee giving and fundraising efforts reaching $377,000.

The money will be used to provide assistance to more than 100,000 residents in our area. A full list of programs that are supported are available at http://www.unitedwayama.org/  You can also call the local United Way office at 376-6359 to find more information or learn of ways you can help.

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