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Cole's Story

"We hope that he's okay in a few years and that you are talking about him when he's playing football in high school," says Cole's mom. "We hope that he's okay in a few years and that you are talking about him when he's playing football in high school," says Cole's mom.

Amarillo, TX - A young child with an undiagnosed illness who has endured a childhood in and out of hospitals and even near death is showing us it's not what you go through, but how you do it.

But it hasn't been an easy road for his parents as they continue to search for answers.

One look at 4 year-old Cole and you would never know what all he has endured since he was just eleven days old.

His mom Brandi says, "He keeps a very good spirit through everything he goes through."

More than many of us could imagine happening in one lifetime.

"He doesn't have an overall diagnosis for all of his problems combined. We're searching for that at the time and seeing multiple geneticists," according to his mom.

He has had severe acid reflux since he was about two weeks old.

Cole's mom says, "They did a sleep study on him when he was um three months old he was the first baby in Amarillo to have a sleep study done."

Since then it's been one health battle after another. 

Brandi says, "It's happened three times where they told us we were close to losing him and that we needed to stay in the hospital with him."

Cole's had major surgery because of the severity of the acid reflux.

He's been on a feeding pump for a year and a half.

He was also diagnosed with failure to thrive, mood disorder, speech and mental regressions.

"His knees are starting to bend in as far as his physical regressions his hips are turning," says Brandi.

"He goes to a school for special needs children which is a huge blessing where they incorporate speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy into his school day."  

But Cole has not let all that's going on keep him down.

He's too busy playing with dad and collecting race car cards of his favorite driver Kyle Bush. 

He is also a huge fan of Doppler Dave, who paid him a very special visit. 

Brandi tell us, "We've tried to just make it as normal as we can but it is hard on him at times."

But while maintaining a quality life at home it has not been easy for his parents.

Brandi says on average his monthly medical expenses are at least 15,000 dollars. 

"We did actually have to file bankruptcy after the first year just from everything was just so overwhelming that was a very hard wasn't something we wanted to do by any means."

They gave up their vehicle and almost lost their home.

"We did move out a few months ago and we were going to let the house go and the one thing that Cole asked for and cried about was to come back home and so I have an aunt who reached out and said if Cole want's to be home he's going home," says Cole's mom.

Because there is no diagnosis for a treatment the road ahead for the Diamond family still requires extensive traveling and endless tests.

According to Brandi, "He has to go and get biopsies and scopes of his throat every six months in Lubbock to check the progression of the throat tissue that has changed to make sure we're not progressing any farther to throat cancer."

In spite of all this Cole's mom says he is their inspiration to not give up.

It's something even his cousin, Amy Laurent admires. "He really does inspire you to live one day at a time."

"We hope that he's okay in a few years and that you are talking about him when he's playing football in high school," says Cole's mom.

It's Cole's way of taking it all in stride that will keep many of us talking about his extraordinary will to enjoy life.

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