Maverick Kids Want Their Mascot Back

Ali Allison

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX--Some Amarillo school children are upset that someone may have taken their club's four month old mascot. He is a pug mix and the Maverick Club kids are lost without Dexter.

It's been a sad 24 hours at the Maverick Boys and Girls Club. Kids have been writing letters and asking to please bring back their four legged friend Dexter.

He was let out to use the restroom in a fenced yard at the Maverick and just 7 minutes later he was gone.

The kids say nothing is right now.

"And then one day he was gone..Nothings right, no more Dexter so we cant go outside and play with him no more"says Gabby Medina.

Eight year old Koran says she wants Dexter back so she and her friends can stop crying. "Now that he is gone we just feel sad and feel like we want to cry".

Dexter is male, light brown in color and has a gray strip on his back.

If you have information on Dexter please call the Maverick Club at 372 8393.