Colorado Cold Case Re-Opened In Hereford

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Hereford, Texas - It's a Colorado cold case from over two decades ago re-opened in Hereford. The man with a warrant out for murder is now behind bars in the Deaf Smith County Jail.

Jesus Carnero, was arrested at a home in Hereford when police responded to domestic assault complaints this weekend. Police booked Carnero into the county jail Sunday afternoon, on charges of terroristic threats and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

It was these charges that led police to making a much bigger discovery. Carnero, who has gone by several other aliases, is wanted for first-degree murder in Denver, dating back to 1988. Corporal Kirsten Williams of the Hereford Police Department says, "We then spoke with the Denver Police Department...their ID area and we sent a copy of those prints to them. They were able to relatively quickly make a positive identification that the subject we had in custody we thought was their murder suspect, was indeed their murder suspect."

Over two decades later, Denver police have searched for Carnero even recently. A Crime Stoppers release was issued less than two months ago.

Hereford police are working with Denver officials on which charges he'll face first.