Lake Meredith Marina Closing Its' Doors

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Fritch, Texas - The only marina at Lake Meredith is permanently closing. The National Park Service tells us Lake Meredith's Marina is shutting down as of January 1st.

This includes all of its' services from gas, to bait and tackle and more importantly a place to keep your boat. It looks like even those in house boats may be sent packing.

The marina has serviced fishermen, boaters, and other visitors for over 17 years, but less water means less visitors. Rozanna Pfeiffer of the National Park Service says, "As we are all aware, the water has been going down and even with the recent snow it came up maybe a few inches but it looks like its just on a decline here and unfortunately for the marina it was becoming really impossible for them to make a profit."

Even though the marina is closing, the lake will still be open. This includes the boat ramp and fishing docks which will be maintained by the National Park Service.

The announcement surprised many people, especially those that work at the marina. For many, the lake is their bread and butter.