Growing Concern for Alzheimer's

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO---It's projected the pool of people living with Alzheimer's in our nation will more than triple over the next few decades.

Tuesday, Texas Tech University hosted a memory screening for area's residents. They say, it's crucial because right now there is no cure for the disease that is stripping the memories of more than 5 million Americans.

Come January, the oldest of the baby boomer generation will be categorized as elderly, the prime candidates for Alzheimer's.

Area doctors are encouraging residents to really pay attention to their memory as they age and get tested.

"Alzheimer's disease is scary, I personally look forward to the day where we can halt or prevent the disease." said Dr. Eric MacLaughlin with Texas Tech University.

If you missed Tuesday's memory screening, or would like more information, contact the Amarillo Alzheimer's Academy.