New baseball stadium in Downtown Amarillo?

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Downtown developers in Amarillo are hoping to hit a home run with their latest plan for the city... Building a new sports and entertainment complex centered around a baseball stadium.

They're hoping to make it more than just a sports destination though... Leaning more towards year-round family entertainment.

Downtown Amarillo, Inc.'s Melissa Daily says, "Baseball takes up about 55 nights a year. We're looking for this to be busy 200 to 225 nights a year. Things like little league sports, high school sports, graduations, you name it."

An independent company looked at the feasibility of a ball park in Downtown Amarillo and said it's a viable and potentially very profitable option. They estimate it will bring in $400,000 in profit every year and generate 70 new jobs annually.

Backers of the plan are hoping if this is built, it will entice other growth in the downtown area.

Dailey adds, "It's important to have a mix of private and public funds. We're already in talks with some developers. Apartments, condos, mixed use, retail and office space."

There are three potential locations all in the immediate Center City area for the estimated $25-million project. A decision is set to be made soon and it could be open by 2013.