Food Drive May Help Combat Texas Hunger

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas -  According to a USDA report released today, over 17% of households in Texas are facing hunger, a number almost 3% higher than the national average.

This comes at a time when the High Plains Food Bank is reporting record breaking demands and not enough supply.

To help combat this problem, the High Plains Food Bank and Wal-Mart are partnering up for the first time this Thanksgiving holiday season on a food drive that begins today. "We've seen a lot of first time families come in who have never asked for assistance before, specifically because of one event or another, your car breaks down, costs 800 dollars to fix, you have to fix it to get to work and what do you do for the next two weeks while your waiting on your next paycheck."

Over the next week you can bring your donated food items to 11 Wal-Mart locations throughout the region. All items from the drive will be distributed to the thousands of Panhandle people in need.

The High Plains Food Bank serves some 8,000 families per month. They are hoping to collect at least 50,000 pounds of food in this drive alone. The collection ends next Monday, November 22nd.