BBB Warns About Spike in Sweepstakes Scams

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO---As we head into the holiday season, shoppers are out and about, but a local organization warns that so are scam artists.

The Better Business Bureau tells NewsChannel 10, a spike in scams this holiday season is being closely tied to the economic state.

According to BBB Officials, while many area residents are hoping to stow away savings, some West Texans are banking on sweepstakes for their financial security. In turn, schemers are inundating mail boxes with get rich quick scams.

" That's our concern, because the money is gone, its lost...and we never get it back. They aren't the only ones that suffer with that loss, our local business do to. That's money that's not being spent on local businesses." said Janna with the Better Business Bureau.

We're told over the past few weeks, the BBB has seen a dramatic spike in area residents calling or writing in with concerns over sweepstakes that are believed to be scams.

Officials say, the scams are not targeted towards any demographic.  If you feel as though you have received one of those schemes, contact the BBB.